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if you are thinking about it...Definitely take Kanani’s course! She is such a good teacher. I love how she really focuses on the importance of foundation and core movements because without that you cannot get to where you want to be. I also love how she not only teaches a dance or a movement but also gives you history and language behind it. I have dance experience and dance with a Pupu ‘Ori group but being able to learn from Kanani has brought my dancing and knowledge to another level. Learning from her is good for your mind, body and soul!

For as long as I’ve practiced, I’d never been able to control my shoulders. I was three sessions in when I noticed my progress just in isolation! Along with my fa’arapu, I’ve shown significant progress in my technique, stamina and confidence! I’ve taken other ‘Ori Tahiti classes and my body has adapted and been receptive the most to Kanani’s teachings.

I loved these classes!!!! I was only able to attend by watching the recordings afterwards due to my schedule, but I like how she explained the significance of the moves we learned because it made it easier to connect with the dances. Also it doesn’t hurt that I got a lottt of cardio in and fit into some old pants



I’m so glad I jumped at the opportunity to take this course with Kanani! With little experience in polynesian dance, I came in with an open mind & i am blown away by how much i’ve absorbed within these past 6 weeks. I have learned so much about the culture, dance & myself! You really grow in unexpected ways in this course. Kanani’s energy & the rest of the support from the class will help you reach your new abilities in dance and make you fall in love with the culture! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!!



Wonderful energy, which made me forget, that I was watching the recordings only instead participating in the live Zoom classes! Loved to be part of a group of fellow workshop participants and loved to get my body dancing and moving on a regular base. Also big plus: getting to know a slightly different approach to Tahitian dance movement than the input I am given by my usual dance teacher back home. 


I've been with pupu here since day 1 and I have to say, though I was scared to join, it has been one of my best decisions I've made for my dance journey. If you are willing to make put in the work, Kanani will take you where you need to go.

Classes are structured and you not only physically grow with your dancing but you mentally grow as well. Although it's a virtual experience, you will not be short changed. You get a full experience with Pupu Here and become friends with great group of dancers. 


My experience with pupu here has been nothing short of amazing. To constantly receive quality training from a multi-award winning soloist and world champion, as Kanani herself, has been a dream come true. I love her emphasis on clean technique from the beginning of class to the end, as well as her innovative, challenging choreography. Her teaching is effective and purposeful and she has played a pivotal role in helping me achieve many of my goals as a soloist! As ra’atira of my own pupu ‘ori, I find myself transferring much of her training to my own dancers, and I’m just so grateful for her contribution to my growth as a soloist, dancer, and teacher.


I just have so many beautiful things to say about Pupu Here!

I love every class and every new step that Kanani teaches us!

I had never understood how you can make a good solo, its structure, the pehe, etc. I love the good vibes and disposition that Kanani always shows in each class. I am convinced that I have made great strides in my dance, and of course, in my self-confidence.

I hope I can continue in Pupu Here Solo Team forever and ever, amén!!



I feel very blessed that I can stay at my home, at my convenience, and learn the far far away Polynesian dance with Kanani, a famous award-winning dancer. Not only does she dance well, she is also a very good instructor who attends to details, feet, hands, and facial expression. Given her family background, she also shares the Polynesian culture/language with us. Love the online dance class. This is the best money that I have ever spent!

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